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Music – what i listen now


Just as i finished some work at home [lifting furniture and arguing with mom…] i sat down in front of my computer and what did i do? Turn on some music… did the music inspire me or maybe relaxed [simply red-the air that i breathe] i didn’t wanted anything of that, just to fulfil my time in some way. a thought did come to me about one picture i took that day. quite interesting.

while i was on the road to a city near the sea and the weather was a bit stormy i took a stop in the middle of nowhere, take my camera out and wondered where and what can i see. i don’t think i was lucky at that time, just think people that always run into shit [literally] and that’s what happend to me too. shit underneath newspaper isn’t disgusting, it depends how you take it

Author: mariotkalac

Moji interesi su fotografiranje, umjetnost, zabava i sport. Volim putovati i upoznavati nove kulture, stilove i događaje s puno ljudi

2 thoughts on “Music – what i listen now

  1. bet u listened sth like “best thing i never had” etc
    jk 😛

  2. I’m not sure what jk means here. maybe one day i will listen to music like that, although i am already into jazz and love gentle melodies since ever. But, hey .. thank you visitor for your comment. i much appreciate it.

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