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Bottles [What do you think]

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Ok.. now, here’s the thing. It’s a sunny day in summer [ofc] and you’re walking. Get the picture?? Now, you get tired you go in a store and buy a drink.. What to drink [ watter, juice, alcohol… your choise, whatewer] Where you drink it from, a BOTTLE.

Main idea here is THE BOTTLE that magnificent thing that stores your liquid and goes with you wherer you go and whatever you do [beautiful people beautiful drink, smart people smart drink, not interested people not interested drink] and you can see this too [beautiful people beautiful bottle, smart people smart bottle, not interested people not interested bottle] Yeahh, Get the picture

Sooo, i would like to present the SIGG BOTTLES [Thank you Tea bet you’re reading this] Sigg bottles: Swiss Quality, Simply Eco-Logical, Fit in every lifestyle, Healthy and safe… What Sigg bottle is The Best for Mee??? Let me see now…

Author: mariotkalac

Moji interesi su fotografiranje, umjetnost, zabava i sport. Volim putovati i upoznavati nove kulture, stilove i događaje s puno ljudi

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