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Intelligent Water Control

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Want to save up to millions of gallons of watter in your city. Take a look at the i20 Intelligent Water Control System

It’s extremely sophisticated, and relies on GSM signals, servers, custom valves, and so on to synchronize and update its network and get the best results.

Just from my point of view i really can’t say that it’s realy difficult to install this type of system into local city, region or even a country. Why? First cities/countries today already pay for people working on local water net [mostly for maintance] and the cost of using technology from the last 30years or so today are higher and higher by every day. Maybe people think that the price for maintance of local watter system isn’t much and before 30 years this was the same opinion [you can’t argue with me on that] and with that aproach you can’t get much of a deal [ A few days ago i had a leak because of broken ventage, same thing happened two years ago, you could imagine how many times this has happened for the last 10 years. Not on my tab though, but parts aren’t cheap and this is the only reality i can handle here. THIS IS ONLY MY HOUSE – One house of 1700 with the same problem and I live in the center of my city] But hey if smbd likes to learn first thing for him is to get punched in the ass and stay down as much time possible. Quote me on that.

Article Source: TechCrunch
You can find out more about i2O at their website, along with a more technical explanation of the system and its advantages over existing water management solutions than seemed appropriate here.

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