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Ingenious Architecture [2011]

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Keret House is a project envisioned by Jakub Szczęsny of Centrala, soon to be developed in a narrow void between the buildings on 22 Chłodna Street and 74 Żelazna Street in the district of Wola, Poland. Keret House is said to have an interior that will vary between 122 centimeters and 72 centimeters, making it an extremely narrow crib.

And my comment about this little wonder I really like. There is a word that will fit in perfectly here but it is said in croatian. “Gajba i pol!”

In source link you can find photos from the inside of the house. May I say that stairs will be controlled with a remote, “Why remote controlled stairs?”


Author: mariotkalac

Moji interesi su fotografiranje, umjetnost, zabava i sport. Volim putovati i upoznavati nove kulture, stilove i događaje s puno ljudi

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