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….  opening my eyes

we started cleaning together. the weather was sunny and i could feel the warmth of the sun’s rays trough the window touching my skin. it made me goo “Uh-lalal-lala :)”. Sometimes it’s really bugging me the way how that beautiful sun touches my skin as i have felt it very often before. the first time when i was little, as a kid. i can remember and until today. i don’t get that “chill” on my skin since the sun has reached to me many times before. it’s different now but not strange, far from that.

The kitchen floor and the bedroom floor are clean now. i started cleaning the dishes. it does hurt me in my back while standing there but there is a magic coming to me when i work. when i put my hands together and do smth.

and when you think about me, you say “I’m clumsy, you know… that was, I think at that moment and the next our or so only word in my head. me being clumsy. it’s because i listen to you and then the sound of heating milk disturbed me. that’s me. i don’t think i’m a person being clumsy it’s just that i listen to you and that makes me less concentrated.

Than, putting my “roller skates” on. They make a squeling sound when i use my right leg. that makes people know that i’m near them when they can’t see me. i like it when people show on the right way that they have a “sixth sence”. i skated out the whole city like in the number 4 flipped to the right for the 90 degrees and it took like 90min. reaching three destinations plus the final – where i took of.

Thank’s for help from “The Cranberries” in writing this post The Cranberries – Tomorrow


An ever lasting song. i don’t have it in my head but i do start “dancing” when i hear The Cranberries – Dreams

Author: mariotkalac

Moji interesi su fotografiranje, umjetnost, zabava i sport. Volim putovati i upoznavati nove kulture, stilove i događaje s puno ljudi

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