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Cover of "Blood of Victory"

Cover of Blood of Victory

Alan Furst definetly caught my attention theese days with his historical spy novel “BLOOD OF VICTORY“. First thought of mine was… Looks like there is much more to see in Romania than I first thought… as I was reading more and more I started developing same opinion for places like Istanbul, Odesa, Constanta and Budapest too.

Busy lifestyle of I.A.Serebin, although a writer, kept me excited all the time… 

And Yes, I believe I’m a better under-cover agent than I was last month after reading his work. Or perhaps not. We will see.

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Budapest (Photo credit: Weijie~)

Author: mariotkalac

Moji interesi su fotografiranje, umjetnost, zabava i sport. Volim putovati i upoznavati nove kulture, stilove i događaje s puno ljudi

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