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Cover of "Blood of Victory"

Cover of Blood of Victory

Alan Furst definetly caught my attention theese days with his historical spy novel “BLOOD OF VICTORY“. First thought of mine was… Looks like there is much more to see in Romania than I first thought… as I was reading more and more I started developing same opinion for places like Istanbul, Odesa, Constanta and Budapest too.

Busy lifestyle of I.A.Serebin, although a writer, kept me excited all the time… 

And Yes, I believe I’m a better under-cover agent than I was last month after reading his work. Or perhaps not. We will see.

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Budapest (Photo credit: Weijie~)

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I do some folk dance

Third time and I still get it wrong. Yes, today is my third time since I started “The Folk Dance” four weeks ago.


I felt really good after my first rehearsal. I did everything in minutes, learned much and achieved more than anyone who is a beginner. At that point my mind was in a very “colorful” mood. Sure i haven’t figured it all at once so there was a mood in my head “work hard, train hard”. I do miss my working schedule and because of that i’m not at all felling relaxed when on a reversal. So figure it out Mario? What to do ’cause after today I don’t think i ‘ll be letting myself down anymore and missing a day repeating at least a thing or two i remember from rehearsal. Note here – it’s not important to be the best, just give your best. It’s not important to achieve smth on your own but together wherever you are.


It’s not about me but i would love to put on a smile on people faces when they see me i’m not slowing them down. They have all seen my  first time “show” and realize my strength and potential. It’s just that it get’s to me that i don’t put myself on the track and have fun. Maybe I’m listening with the back of my head instead of front head – or smth like that, right?



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Dark pancakes

Working on a “fresh” recipe called chocolate pancakes. You need milk, egs, chocolate, cocoa ( in croatian “kakao” ), suggar, salt and butter. You mixe it up like you know what you’re doing and that’s it. Don’t wory, you won’t get it wrong…

… And when you’re done with making pancakes then comes the best part. What you have to do is to peel the orange(you peel the white skin of orange, located under the orange skin) You should do that with your knife and basicly what you do is you remove the white skin leaving you only the “naked” orange and it’s juice. You then put orange and it’s juice on the pan together with the remaining butter and put barely 1 tbls of sugar on a portion of 1 orange

It’s like walking on the clouds. You should try it out

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Erotic Curves [2011]

Be careful, Gallery has a hypnotic effect!



Trough centuries until today woman body followed fashion and so developed a recognizing style for every period. A well-known fact: Today, in general it is known that we like a different form of body unlike in the baroque period shown from great artist like Rubens or Rembrandt. This uncensored Tumblr is going to reveal, for you, the beauty of erotic curves.

Geometry, geometry of lines! View photo gallery

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UTOČIŠTE DUŠE Nikola Vukmanić:
Nekoliko djela renomiranog autora imao sam priliku vidjeti pri “Humićki”. Izložba obogaćuje prostor i daje jedinstveni ugođaj koji još nisam imao prilike vidjeti u okolici i šire. Hladni dani dolaze i ovo mi je najbolje mjesto gdje se mogu “liječiti” od gripa ali i zimske dosade 😉 A autor izložbe dao je kratki osvrt na svoj rad Continue reading