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Ice hockey Pula Arena


Ice hockey fans around the world have heard about this event so it’s about time i share it on my blog. Thumbs up for Medveščak gladiators. Although weather was upsetting organisators have put on some decent work for the games to happen.

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Water polo [Croatia vs Germany]

A water polo game between Croatia and Germany that ended a few moments ago was so upseting for me. All my f*** words 🙂 go to the main ref. I tried so many times explaining to myself decisions from him but there is no logical explanation. He says croatian player was holding a german player on his lef leg and therefore preventing him swiming in the counter attack and than i see that croatian player holding his face… he was hit with leg of a german player… we got 2min suspension and … bla bla bla… all game all night 😉 eventualy the game was lost and the last moments of the game were .. ahhh

Game stats:

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Ski Sports

Unfortunately for me today’s men race in super-g was cancelled due to bad weather. I’m a big fan of all kind of winter sport so this is a blow for me. You can see Ivica is No. 1 ranked in slalom who was just last year the best world cup player and slalom is his best discipline.  “profesor” they call him.


Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS)



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Bowling game – individual national championship

Three days of bowling on the highest national level. The competitors were former and present world record holders, junior champions, senior champions in individual or single competition. This competition has proven to me once again how little we know about living with sucess and keeping it on the highest level… including me, too.



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Halloween Party has come to an end. Lets take a look at the photos and see how incredible it really was. Great thanks for the organizators. It was great and incredible. So THANK’S 😀 Great THANK’S goes for all the guy’s who played music [I wouldn’t like to emphasize anyone because it would be a shame to do so] So THANK’S. Thank’s for all you people who were there and who were really exciting with standing in front of the camera while I was taking photos of YOU. So THANK’S. And yes, I think I should wrap this right about now: