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Some eye catching photographies from Hout Kauv, who is a fan of Little Shao Photographer. There is no especially big reason to start writting off from this point but one thing, one photo, and a comment when i thought “Mario, find out what it says here”. ” la lumière tue” . svjetlo ubija . And if you are into playing a game of detective i will give you a hint from the links above and i believe all the pieces would fit in together perfectly. I know how hard it gets for me when i’m playing this game so i’m really glad that i came up with this

English: Centurion (Roman army) historical ree...

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Boulogne’s claim to fame is that it is France’s premier fishing port – in fact a quarter of Boulogne’s population are involved in the fishing industry in some way or other. Indeed Bouglone’s major attraction – Nausicaa national sea centre – is all about the sea. If you have time, take the short drive to the nearby fishing village of Etaples and visit the Mareis museum, an interactive museum about the life of the fisherman and his family right through to the point of sale at Boulogne’s quai side fish market. This impressive museum is even more fascinating because it has been put together by a consortium of fisherman who have managed to convey a real feel for their trade.