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Halloween Party has come to an end. Lets take a look at the photos and see how incredible it really was. Great thanks for the organizators. It was great and incredible. So THANK’S 😀 Great THANK’S goes for all the guy’s who played music [I wouldn’t like to emphasize anyone because it would be a shame to do so] So THANK’S. Thank’s for all you people who were there and who were really exciting with standing in front of the camera while I was taking photos of YOU. So THANK’S. And yes, I think I should wrap this right about now:


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Još malo, još malo i za koji dan imati ćemo Halloween koncert [Udriground + 2 demo benda]

Koncert organiziraju: LAG Vallis Colapis; Institut za razvoj mladih KULT iz Sarajeva, Mreža mladih Hrvatske; Grad Ozalj u sklopu projekta “Jednake mogućnosti za sve mlade!”; ULAZ JE SLOBODAN.

Halloween koncert demo bandova 31.10.2011. u Colapisu u Ozlju s početkom u 22 sata