Mario Tkalac

Picture for Everyone



Hockey game in Arena Zagreb “Ice Fever”

KHL Medveščak – EC Rekord Fenster VSV


All January 2012

Mountain climbing in area near Ozalj 🙂


Krav-Maga first training in New Year 2012.


Merry Christmas!


I will be atending party “Christmas humanitarian action” to provide help to socially handicapped families in our  community. More info here.


WORLD AIDS DAY. Read about it here!

Winter time – that mean’s, time to grab my camera and move around a little bit

Music Festival “Vaga” back in Karlovac after 25 years. Do not miss this! 😛

Halloween Party [Colapis]


“Numerous we stand!” is a short documentary about youth activism in the LAG Vallis Colapis area. It gives an interesting overview of cultural festivals, ecological and science youth projects, usage of IT technologies and other forms of youth inclusion in the north of the Karlovac County!

Organised in 6 elementary schools as well in 4 public places of LAG Vallis Colapis County. “Numerous we stand!”

“Airsoft” training ground.

I will be attending art show at Caffe bar Humićka happening on 14.10.2011. 20:00h; organized with Tourist Association Ozalj. The art show will be opened for everyone until 28.10.2010. [Nikola Vukmanić: Izložba slika “Utočište duše”]

U posjeti Starome gradu [Visiting The Old City]. A full 360 view of the city Ozalj, Croatia made with my friend playing on the guitar [playing: Boston Jack- Journey to unknown] and me [camera: Olympus E-420]

A jump from 4000m high Tandem Jump Medulin. Arrange your own jump here [Zeljko Zrvnar].

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